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Preparing Your Home for Sale

To obtain the best price for your home, make sure it looks attractive both inside and out. First impressions really do matter and buyers will respond first to your "curb appeal". Curb appeal is the single most critical element for generating traffic.

Spruce up the landscaping. For a relatively few dollars, landscaping can yield a big return on investment. Make sure there are lots of seasonal flowers, no weeds, and plenty of dark mulch. Well-trimmed hedges and lawns look crisp and fresh to buyers.

Make the approach attractive. Buyers are particularly impressed to see a newly sealed driveway, freshly painted trim, squeaky-clean windows and cleared gutters. Power wash the home's exterior and walkways if needed. Polish brass door handles and lampposts. By paying attention to these details you send the message to buyers that your home deserves love and you are proud of it.

Cleanliness counts! Scrub bathrooms, kitchens and all woodwork and trim. Touch up paint where necessary. Clean the carpeting. Tidy the pantry. Scrub and polish the floors.

Remove clutter. Clutter looks messy and always distracts buyers from imagining their own furniture in the rooms. Kitchen counter tops should be cleared of small appliances, spice bottles and prescriptions. Make closets appear larger by storing off-season clothing elsewhere.

Emphasize your storage space. Hang tools on garage walls, store cleaners on shelves. Organize the attic for easy access. If there's just too much stuff, get rid of it or send it all to temporary storage!

Perform general maintenance. Replace rotted wood; inspect the roof for missing shingles or failed flashing. Check the water heater for rust or corrosion. Replace dingy tub and tile caulking, fix leaky faucets and pipes. Make sure doors open and close smoothly. Replace old toilet seats and corroded stovetop burner pans.

It is not usually recommended to add major home improvements just to improve market value. However, if your home is lacking improvements that are typical for your area (such as central air conditioning or a rear deck), consider adding these while you have control of the cost involved. If you don't add the improvement, at least obtain several cost estimates and adjust your asking price accordingly.

Your Napier ERA agent will know what the competition looks like. Invite your agent to suggest the most appropriate improvements.

For more information or assistance, please contact your favorite Napier ERA agent or fill out our contact form.