Seller's Information

The Process

Your decision to sell your home may be the result of a long anticipated event or due to a sudden change in circumstances. In either case, there are steps you can take to enhance the appeal and marketability of your home. Consider these factors before setting your price:

Choose a real estate agent

  • Does the agent offer a marketing plan?
  • Is the agent familiar with your neighborhood?
  • Invite the agent to make suggestions to improve your home's appeal

Select a destination

  • Are there homes available where you want to go?
  • Will you consider temporary housing to bridge moving date gaps?

Address the financial issues

  • Will a sale have tax implications?
  • What is your buying power for a replacement home?
  • Diligently record your repairs and improvements

Look at your home through a buyer's eyes

  • Is it clean and uncluttered?
  • Do systems operate properly?
  • Has maintenance been deferred?

Understand the competition

  • Your agent will gladly provide comparative data for your area
  • Consider touring the competition with your agent
  • Price your home realistically

Set the stage for buyers

  • Enhance curb appeal
  • Make your home inviting
  • Don't set unnecessary showing restrictions

Give peace of mind to buyers

  • Consider the ERA Home Protection Plan
  • Provide any warranties, records, manuals pertaining to your home

Get peace of mind for yourself

  • Consider optional ERA® Seller's Security Plan a guaranteed sale, a guaranteed price for qualified homes. SSP gives us a listing edge over the competition.

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