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Buying Information

The Process

Buying a home involves preparation and planning. Before you begin the search, invest time to establish a solid plan. Some preliminary research can pay off big dividends in helping you to get the best home at the best price and terms.

Consider these factors in formulating your plan:

Address financial issues

  • Check your credit rating, clean up errors and problems
  • Determine your buying power; get pre-approved for a mortgage
  • Don't make significant purchases before buying a home

Decide what you want

  • List the features you would like in your next home
  • Prioritize the importance of each feature

Consider lifestyle factors

  • Do you need to be close to recreational facilities, hospitals or schools?
  • Do you like a large or small yard?
  • What commuting distance or time is manageable for you?

Think of the future

  • Will your need for space be shrinking or enlarging soon?
  • Will your lifestyle needs change soon?

Choose a real estate agent

  • Does the agent work in the areas of interest to you?
  • Whom will the agent represent?

Find a home

  • You're ready now, so, let's find a home

For more information on any of these topics, check out the helpful guides in this section or fill out our contact form.